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Hull and Surface


 Hull combines purpose-built shipbuilding specific surfacing technology and the simplicity of working inside of AutoCAD.   Hull provides powerful features such as surface-surface intersection, surface trimming, plate expansion, structural section definition, shell expansion, shell stringer definition, offset book printing, and pin jig drawing generation.  



 Structure offers rapid 3D production detailing of internal hull structure. It combines aspects of both associative and parametric 3D modeling but is tailored specifically to the design of ships and offshore structures. Accurate and intelligent 3D project models can be created very quickly utilizing a cross section of shipbuilding specific capability and native AutoCAD tools. 



 In a world of 3D design and manufacturing, many activities still need to  be supported with 2D drawings during design and throughout the  shipyard. Using shipyard standards, MarineDrafting allows the creation of 2D approval and workshop drawings directly from  the 3D model. These drawings are created in AutoCAD DWG format and  remain associatively linked to the 3D model as changes happen. 



 Nesting is tightly integrated into the central project database, providing features to nest by assembly, stock, material, surface treatment, port/starboard, like/mirror cut, and full remnant control. Nest provides standard tools to align parts and insert bridges.  

Outfitting Modules


 Pipe is a complete production design package for pipe systems.  HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning).  Electrical is a 3D modeling and production system for wire ways, cable trays, supports, cables and transits.  Equipment provides the ability to insert any type of equipment item into a ShipConstructor model. 

Point Cloud 3D Mod


 We  provide 3D laser scanning,3D modelling, design and drafting in house hands on training services to maritime, offshore, construction and oil and gas industries. We specialize in 3D laser scanning for the maritime and   industrial engineering and design applications.  .

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